Education and Coaching

ZRA is a prominent provider of management consulting services for security leadership. The company has collaborated closely with the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and Department of Homeland Security managers since its establishment. With a 20-year history of contract work with critical infrastructure owners and operators, ZRA designs leadership facilitation and training programs to address security challenges. Their education and coaching support services incorporate best-in-class management, operational, and engineering practices essential for CISA’s missions.

Leadership Facilitation

ZRA offers leadership facilitation and support services that directly address the management challenges faced by leaders and senior managers. These scenarios encompass those encountered at CISA and throughout the broader stakeholder community, testing various management practices and leadership values. Our programs not only facilitate discussions on best practices in security leadership but also provide management frameworks that leaders can apply to their daily experiences at CISA. Our approaches incorporate policies and practices specific to cybersecurity and infrastructure security scenarios. This includes strategic risk management, long-term portfolio risk, and strategies for gaining buy-in and engagement on complex cybersecurity issues. CISA leaders can effectively utilize facilitation sessions to address specific problems facing the organization, whether they are short-term operational issues or more strategic in nature. As part of our senior management training, ZRA partners administer the Insights Discovery Test, which enables participants to gain deeper insights into themselves and their critical job functions.

Senior Management Training

ZRA’s Senior Management Training focuses on addressing the unique challenges faced by mid- to senior-level managers across CISA portfolios. Programs like Leadership Facilitation focus on daily and strategic challenges, such as designing program fundamentals, exploring stakeholder engagement models, and improving communication. Scenario facilitation sessions emphasize CISA doctrine, culture, and mission priorities. ZRA partners administer the Insights Discovery Test, offering participants a deeper understanding of themselves and their job roles.

Senior Management Coaching

ZRA offers professional coaching to cyber and infrastructure security leaders and managers, collaborating with ICF-certified coaches to provide a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by CISA and the stakeholder community. The programs include real-world scenarios and best practices, enhancing the coaching experience. ZRA partners administer the Insights Discovery Test, providing valuable insights into participants’ job functions and roles.

Scenario Facilitation & Solutions

ZRA offers scenario facilitation and support services, with a Scenario Library of over one hundred scenarios covering cybersecurity, infrastructure security, epidemiological surveillance, and operational preparedness. We apply best practices and leverage their cybersecurity knowledge. Our partnership enhances facilitation by incorporating tools such as insight testing for participant growth and development.

Literature & Benchmark Reports

ZRA offers education and coaching support programs for cybersecurity research, including literature reviews and benchmark assessments. As a new field emerges, newcomers may encounter challenges. ZRA provides detailed processes and frameworks to help managers learn essential practices. This includes identifying sources, locating relevant research, prioritizing sources, and distinguishing between sources to draw defensible conclusions for senior managers.

State-of-the Art Facilitation & Workshops

ZRA provides education and coaching support for cybersecurity research, including literature reviews and benchmark assessments. We offer detailed processes and frameworks to help managers identify sources, locate relevant research, prioritize sources, and distinguish between sources to draw defensible conclusions.

Management Best Practice Roundtables

ZRA has over 20 years of experience in designing and implementing roundtables for homeland security best practices. Our Management Best Practices roundtables involve discussions among diverse stakeholders, providing models for conducting multiple rounds in areas that require identifying best practices and engaging stakeholders. ZRA’s expertise covers CEO risk management, board of director risk oversight, and financial practices for resourcing large-scale cybersecurity programs. Our roundtables include pre-roundtable white papers, facilitation materials, and post-roundtable findings and conclusions. Our experiences cover a wide range of topics.

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