ZRA is a trusted provider of education and coaching services, specializing in management consulting for security leadership. With extensive experience working with CISA, DHS managers, and critical infrastructure owners and operators, we offer tailored programs that address specific security challenges. Our Education & Coaching support services are designed to meet the complex missions of CISA and its stakeholders, incorporating best-in-class management, operational, and engineering practices.

We provide a range of services to support security leadership development. Our Leadership Facilitation programs offer a platform for leaders and senior managers to discuss and implement security best practices, with a focus on strategic risk management and driving engagement on complex cybersecurity issues. Additionally, our Senior Management Training equips mid- to senior-level managers with the necessary skills to excel in their roles, addressing challenges unique to CISA portfolios. We also offer Senior Management Coaching experience, providing personalized coaching support to help cyber and infrastructure security leaders navigate their professional challenges. Our scenario facilitation and support services, literature reviews and benchmark assessments, state-of-the-art workshops, and management best practice roundtables further enhance our comprehensive offerings. With ZRA's education and coaching services, security leaders and managers can effectively tackle the complexities of their roles, foster collaboration, and enhance security practices within CISA and the broader stakeholder community.

ZRA Courses are Customized to CISA’s Needs

ZRA's educational material is geared to the unique needs of the Federal Government, especially CISA. ZRA’s textbook, Cybersecurity Foundations, and accompanying syllabus were customized for DHS and CISA. ZRA's subject matter experts continue to incorporate information on the newest threats and vulnerabilities into your curricula results. Our highly customized curricula result in cutting edge content that puts your organization in a proactive rather than reactive mindset.

ZRA Courses are Flexible Enough to Satisfy Different Educational Goals

ZRA’s curriculum offers flexible material that can be adjusted to meet different objectives and skill levels. We provide training on best practices for non-cybersecurity professionals, but we also have deep coaching experience with leaders that need a more in-depth understanding of the issues. Regardless of skill-level, we ensure that your cybersecurity professionals will be up to date with the latest research and technology. With ZRA you can be assured that at every level, your teams not only have knowledge, but the ability to integrate their learning into real world scenarios.

ZRA Courses are Grounded in Cutting-Edge Research and Focus on Learning Outcomes

ZRA has conducted detailed research and numerous studies to create immersive curricula that focus on outcome-based learning. Our delivery mechanisms include classroom training with case studies and group discussion, web-based training modules, videos, and interactive media for self-paced study. Our learning and development solutions build a network of accessible and user friendly, interactive experiences, resulting in higher employee engagement and better training outcomes for a stronger mission impact.