At ZRA, we surpass traditional cybersecurity solutions. We actively drive change, guiding organizations towards a secure and resilient future. Our team excels in conducting thorough risk assessments, identifying vulnerabilities, and developing effective risk mitigation strategies. We believe in utilizing an initiative-taking approach to cybersecurity, enabling our clients to stay one step ahead of emerging threats. By leveraging industry-leading frameworks and methodologies, we ensure that our clients not only meet compliance requirements, but also adopt tailored best practices.

Moreover, our capability-based planning services help organizations chart a clear path towards a robust cybersecurity posture. With a deep understanding of the federal government landscape, we assist our clients in aligning their cybersecurity initiatives with their overarching strategic objectives. By leveraging our interdisciplinary expertise, we consider technical, operational, and policy perspectives to design comprehensive solutions that withstand the test of time. Our team takes pride in cultivating a culture of security awareness within organizations by providing education and coaching to equip personnel with the knowledge and skills to effectively combat cyber threats.


Exciting Clients

ZRA consults for major public and private entities that are on the front lines of emerging cybersecurity issues and questions.

Conceptual Development

ZRA formulates visionary ideas for the future that shift the paradigm and set the course for future technology development.

Collaborative Environment

ZRA works actively and openly in focused teams to address objectives and identify goals.

High-Level Engagements

ZRA works with our clients on emerging issues to establish approaches that drive long-term strategy.

Challenging Projects

ZRA regularly develops solutions to address complex and challenging problems.

Broad Exposure

ZRA’s diverse project portfolio ensures that employees are exposed to a wide range of issues and technologies.