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Larry Ohaka

Creative Director

Larry Ohaka joined ZRA in June 2018 as Associate Creative Director, with expertise in communication, research, and graphic and visual arts. Through a cybersecurity lens, Mr.Ohaka provides a multitude of creative templates and visuals that communicate the principles presented by the policies, strategies, and risk management within the cybersecurity field. By incorporating his graphic, communications, and research skills, Mr. Ohaka works on DOE partner-based documents that include areas of cloud research, security analysis, business models, and other areas. For these areas, Mr. Ohaka develops visual analogies and metaphors to bring out a more digestible meaning with the purpose that it will meet ZRA’s clients from both the private and public sectors in a more comprehensible presentation.

Prior to joining the team, Mr. Ohaka interned with DataNova Scientific LLC and extracted utility and knowledge from multiple data sources and standards in national intelligence, banking, healthcare, cyber, federal, and other sectors. In this position, Mr. Ohaka worked on the communications team, where he translated complex concepts related to data sources and standards into graphical representations.

He initially attended Bowie State University in 2013, where he began studying the arts with a focus on Advertisement Design. He later transferred to the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC) in 2015, where he changed his concentration to the Graphic Arts and graduated in 2017. In 2020, Mr. Ohaka began pursuing an education in Web Development and enrolled in an accelerated course at Bellevue University, and graduated in 2021

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