Education and Training

ZRA offers an interdisciplinary approach to teaching and learning about cybersecurity. ZRA education materials provide a highly sophisticated, cross-functional view into a wide-range of cybersecurity issues. We maintain a direct pulse on cybersecurity-related congressional, executive, legal, and regulatory trends and policies, which enables us to provide dynamic cybersecurity training in a rapidly changing environment.

ZRA hosts seminars and conferences on cyber topics with leaders in the community to discuss the best course of action to solve the most challenging cyber issues. ZRA gathers experts from across the cyber community to include Fortune 200 corporate executives, government leaders, and distinguished members of the R&D and venture capital community.

Curricula and Course Material

ZRA provides custom curriculum for government and private customers, with an emphasis on cyber risk management and analysis. Our course material includes student and instructor academic packages focused on the fundamentals of cybersecurity. Subject matter experts in their respective fields draw upon the leading literature currently available to continuously improve the course materials.

Our course instructors are leading experts in cybersecurity from risk management principles to the law and policy aspects of the discipline. Instructors bring over 20 years of public and private experience to the classroom. The instructors' first-hand experience dealing with crises facing the Nation's critical infrastructure coupled with managerial practice provides a cutting-edge perspective of cybersecurity.

ZRA has developed a suite of education and training materials to include:

Seminars and Conferences

ZRA also has the capability to develop, host, or manage cyber security-related seminars and conferences such as:

Coaching, Training, and Mentoring

Our capabilities can also be used to provide innovative, and efficient coaching and training for executives in the following areas of expertise: