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LegalNet Works Incorporated d/b/a Zeichner Risk Analytics is a leading provider of program management, risk management, and security governance support for the U.S. Government and the Private Sector.

In this period of tightening budgets and scrutiny on public spending, true program management professionals are required to achieve success - this is our specialty.

It has become necessary to integrate true risk management into all IT and cyber security programs - find out how ZRA can help your organization

LegalNet Works Incorporated doing business as Zeichner Risk Analytics (ZRA) has extensive expertise covering data management and security directly with Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) from mid-to-large, market-cap public companies that operate globally. Experience covers the development of surveys and the collection and analysis of data on data management and security topics. ZRA has published findings derived from working with CEOs, including strategic risk frameworks, collections of regulatory materials, and risk checklists.

ZRA has expertise performing gap analyses and security surveys of privacy and security programs with CEOs, Chief Information Officers, and Chief Security Officers of public, global companies. The experience with gap analyses involves the preparation of findings and recommendations.

Further specializations include:

  • Director and Officer due diligence requirements for security and risk management
  • Security and privacy assessments in accordance with Federal regulations as well as state statutes and administrative guidelines
  • Evolving developments in operational risk management
  • Vendor management standards and guidelines for IT outsourcing



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